Ready for an adventure? Let’s go to Iceland!





This northern country has an area of only 102,775 kilometers (approx. 39,700 square miles) and a population of 329,000. Home to music, natural wonders, art, and world famous dining, Iceland is well worth exploring.   Travelers from all around the world visit Iceland as either their main destination for a holiday or as a stop-over for a couple of days when traveling to/from Europe.  (Map courtesy of Lonely Planet)


Edmonton International Airport has direct service to Iceland via Icelandair.


The capital of Iceland is Reykjavik. This city is world famous for its history, natural beauty, culture and more.  The population of Reykjavik is only around 120,000 so you can be assured you will not run into the expected capital city chaos you might find elsewhere.  This is truly a city best explored on foot or on a bicycle. Take a walk through the Reykjavik Art Museum and the National Gallery, enjoy some popular local music, and end your day with the vibrant nightlight. Day-excursions from Reykjavik are popular and there is something for everyone and every taste. Horseback riding, rafting, cave exploration, whale watching, gallery tours, swimming, shopping, glacier hikes, are just a few of the exciting adventures sure to tempt you.  Don’t forget to consider taking a trip to the new music and conference centre, Harpa.


Explore East Iceland, where lush farms, small fjords and islands, natural harbors and fishing villages await you.  Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajokull, is found here. Don’t let the quaint landscape fool you; look closer. Music and arts festivals draw people from around the world, making East Iceland a cultural hotspot.


Head to West Iceland to discover Iceland’s waterfalls, sleeping volcanoes and geologic wonders like no other place on Earth.  Feel like going for a hike? Head to the Akranes and Hvalfjorour and see the highest waterfall in the country.  Snaefellsjokull National Park and the famous Snaefellsjokull Glacier are must see. And for eco-tourists, Snaefellsnes received the 2008 Earth Check award for being a sustainable community. It’s truly a must-see destination.


The Westfjords, located in the North West of Iceland is mainly uninhabited and unspoiled wilderness. Considered one of the country’s best kept secrets, this natural environment is captivating and perfect for photographers and explorers. This area is home to the birdcliff Latrabjarb, which is reported to hosts nearly half of the world’s population of several bird species. It is also a nature reserve and safe haven for the Arctic Fox.


The countries most visited tourist attractions are located along the South coast of Iceland. Fresh seafood, friendly people, charming towns, all awaits both adventurer and leisure traveler alike.  Natural wonders such as Skogafoss Waterall, Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon, are easy to get to.  Ready to grab a spectacular meal? The South of Iceland is known for its amazing restaurants and fresh seafood.


The Keflavik International Airport is located in the famous Reykjanes Peninsula. This geothermal area is where the Hellisheioi Power Station is.  Visitors can check out the geothermal energy exhibition and learn about the ways Iceland has harnessed the energy from the geothermal activity to generate electricity. The entire area is a geologists dream. Caves, lava fields, hot springs, volcanic craters, geothermal water, all showcase the power of the Earth.  At the same time, this area is well known for its great restaurants, several museums and festivals.


Head to the highlands of Iceland, located in the interior. This area is a natural mosaic mixing volcanoes, ice caps, hot springs, valleys and rocky deserts all I one place. Two mountain roads, Kjolur and Sprengisandur take you to a hilly expanse of breathtaking beauty. Take advantage of a guided tour in a 4x4 vehicle in the summer and make camp at the popular basecamp location in the woodland nature reserve Posmork.  Want to rest your weary bones after a long day of exploring? The area of Landmannalauger has natural hot geothermal rivers travelers can bathe in.


North Iceland is nothing but spectacular. Mountains, lava fields, lush vegetation contrasting against barren seasons, the contrast of environmental scenes is a photographer’s dream.  The northern latitude is close to the Arctic Circle, giving visitors breathtaking view of the midnight sun.


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